Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. And if you haven’t, rent it/buy it/stream it on Netflix. Here are just nine reasons why I identify with its lead, Holly Golightly:

1. She’s a stylish sleeper. I mean, that eyemask and those tassle ear plug thingies she wears were way ahead of her time, let’s be honest. (It was 1961, afterall.)

giphy (2).gif

2. She’s ain’t got time for clingy men. George Peppard’s character, Paul, is a total babe and naturally, falls for Holly’s charm and charisma. She on the other hand, is not as equally impressed with what Paul brings to the table, (which is mostly – spoiler alert -his good lucks and willingness to have her back when she nearly sets her partygoer’s hair on fire.)


3. She’s feisty. While in a tiff with Paul, she quips:


4. Holly appreciates a good drink. 


5. Just more proof that Holly appreciates a good drink. And also she cares about bonding with her nameless cat.


6. She’s unapologetic: 


7. She is comfortable sitting in sinks. I sit in my bathroom sink while I do my make-up. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, it isn’t that weird because I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Lauren Conrad do this in an episode of Laguna Beach or The Hills and also, there’s this classic Holly Golightly sink moment:


8. Self-improvement matters to her. 


9. She just gets it.


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