Before I begin, let it be known that I do not identify with neither the Democratic party nor the Republican party. Throughout my adulthood, I have voted for candidates from different sides of the aisle. And like a lot of my fellow Americans, I, too, thought both of this year’s main contenders were outrageously unfit to be Prez.

It has been an election unlike any we’ve seen before. Clinton and Trump set the precedent with their charming attack ads and ridiculous campaign rhetoric. From there, we saw pretty crappy journalism. And then, we watched in horror as adults in our very own social circles acted like fools on social media. It really did feel like the political apocalypse that just would not end. We’ve endured 18+ months of incessant ads, flashy clickbait, groan-worthy debates, fancy pantsuits, erratic tweets – and that was basically just the prelude.

But beyond all the nasty women, pussy-grabbing, crooked Hillaries, orange turd/tangerine/insert ridiculous adjective to describe Trump here: ______, etc., I think there is some sunshine to relish on the other side of this politically-languished rainbow. Indulge me for a minute or two, will you?

  1. The death of the Super PAC (?)
    …well, hopefully. Thanks to both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, I think future politicians are going to have a lot more to answer to in regard to how their campaigns are funded. Here are two politicians that made it to the national political arena sans big dollars from special interests groups. (I’m talking to you, NRA/Wall Street/Big Pharma!) This is huge (yuge?). Even if you are a devout Trump hater, this is one thing about him you ought to stand behind. Time will tell as to whether he keeps his promise to ensure politics and big business sleep in separate bedrooms, but it was certainly refreshing to witness Trump and Sanders break the cycle and denounce the concept of Super PACs.

    (Need a breakdown of how PACs and Super PACs work? Read this.)

  2. What doesn’t kill you…
    …you know the rest 🙂 I pray to God our country doesn’t face an election as divisive as the one we just swallowed. And if we do, well, we’ve got this lovely, thespian chapter to refer back to I guess. We gulped – and it hurt going down. But we got through it. And while the smoke from anti-Trump signs and “Make America Great Again’ hats is still wafting about, I think there’s something to be said about the way we go about things here in America. We go all in here. We play from our heart.
  3. The people have awoken.
    I was really hoping to see record-breaking numbers in terms of how many people turned out to vote this year. That didn’t really happen. So that’s the bad news. But the good news: This election got people talking. Amiright? It is painful to see ignorant Facebook statuses and horrendous journalism but overall, the fact that people care at all is a hell of a lot better than not paying any attention.

    From Trump supporters to Hillary supporters and everyone in between, our ears are perked. We’re all asking the same question: What will happen next? You have more eyes on you than ever before, Washington. Don’t screw this up.

Thoughts? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “Why this Year’s Election Was the Best Thing to Happen to America

  1. Thank you, Mariah! I have also voted both sides of the fence. Never was one to take up allegiance to one side or the other. Vote the issues that you support. Your vote is for you to use on how you feel. I did vote Republican this year and not because of the person. I voted against government having their hands in everything and for a potentially safer America. This was after I had voted Democrat because I though change would happen. In my eyes it didn’t. Or at least not to the degree I thought it would. Obama did some good things and I won’t take that away from him. I see things I didn’t like either. I won’t get into an argument discussing these issues because I have have my mind made up as does the other side. But we will always disagree on what each of us think is best not only for ourselves but for those around us. We can agree to disagree and it doesn’t have to be ugly.


  2. Mariah –
    Substantive and well-written. I think people across the political spectrum should take collective breath, step back and look at the Big Picture from the outside, as opposed to being inside the fray. We ALL want to see our great country get better than it is, we just differ a bit as to what defines “better”. A good idea stands on its own merits, regardless of who said it, so let’s look at the good ideas that were thrown out there, regardless of where they came from; do I think everyone deserves great health care? Yes. Do I think our children deserve safe neighborhoods to play in? Yes. Do I think we need to make sure Americans and Immigrants who folowed established procedures to be here are all working before “Undocumented Immigrants” get those jobs? Yes. All good ideas, all from different polical points of view. So, the election may be over, but these good ideas are on the table. Let’s all get to work implementing them.


    1. Yes! Throughout the entire campaign, I would constantly ask myself: Am I seeing the big picture here? That is so important. We all want to better our own lives, which can make our judgement a bit cloudier when trying to understand the opinions of others. Thank you so much for reading and replying!


  3. What I think are you are missing is .. many who study politics and the foundations of democracy are worried about #2 on your list. What if it does kill us? This president for the first time ever in our history has the potential to actually finish your sentence in #2.. to actually kill our democracy. For some that may sound far fetched but let me give you some evidence why that may be true. Will it go that way? I hope the God not but the fact that it is even a possibility is the disturbing part.

    I get that you are attempting to pull back to “big Picture” view and rise above the Frey and that is usually a good thing to do following such a divisive battle, but I think there are some things that a different here. I think what people who follow politics for a living are worried about is Mr. Trump is trampling the foundations of democracy that were put in place to prevent one person, or even party, from ruling as an authoritarian dictator. Mr Trump has made clear may of his intentions that you normally see with such dictatorships throughout history. Jail your opponent, silence the press, target and eliminate your opponent.. not disagree with and defeat them through policy but to eliminate opposition altogether, a disregard for law and even the constitution (The conflicts of interest with his business holdings alone are mind boggling and he shows no regard for constitutional principles to prevent this).

    Beyond the proposed policies that would takes us back 50 – 100 years for blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women … one speech contained the phrase (ideological certification).. beyond those ideas that smack of ethnic blaming on par with Nazis targeting Jews .. beyond that.. if this president decides to tear up the constitution.. which there are hints he may … who will stop him? A Republican congress that shows no backbone and he has vowed to go after if they oppose him? A Conservative loaded Supreme Court that is currently deadlocked and will likely be even more radical soon? This is the frightening thing to me .. the traditional checks and balances .. separation of powers and free press are paper thin at this point. The very thing our founders set out to prevent is a whisker away from happening .. all power concentrated in the hands of one person…one party .. and in a person that has shown signs he not particularly stable.

    Its #2 Mariah .. its not JUST that those who oppose Mr Trump disagree with policies that would take us back eons ..those things are bad but its that our very democracy is under siege and no one seems to even be noticing. #2 should frighten everyone.


    1. I don’t disagree with you. And that is exactly why I am paying close attention. I plan to use my voice more if I don’t like what I see. Scary/uncertain times for sure. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply!


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